What are the seven proven Principles for success?

1 Get Serious
2 Identify limiting step
3 Get around the right People
4 Take excellent care of physical health
5 Positive visualisation
6 Positive self talk
7 Positive action

What is the tuming point in many sales professionals lives
Get serious

What do you need to get out of the way

What is feedback the breakfast of

Why should people come to see you work
Identify your limiting step

What sort of people should you be around

89% of everything you accomplish in life is determined by what
People we associate with

What do all highest earning people have in common
High Energy

What are the 3 characteristics that separate highest earning sales people from others
Self discipline, High energy, Empathy

What are 95% of emotions controlled by
Self talking

What do winners think about
Their goals

What should you develop a sense of

What is the currency of the 90’s

Complete the phrase:
If it is to be ………………. It is up to me

How many hours should you study your craft every day