29 opportunities  to  increase your  Sales and Profits

Many of you have been telling us that January  has been a difficult and quiet month for sales.   This means that revenue and profit are down.  So we thought we would share 29 opportunities to massively boost your sales and profits.

Here it is…………………………

  1. Survey, survey and survey some more – Know your clients   age, sex, likes and dislikes what they  buy  off  you regularly.
  2. How did your clients hear about you?      When was the last time you asked one of them? Find out and then promote vigorously to the most common areas.
  3. Value each customer as a friend you will see again and again and again give them a great incentive          FIRST CLASS SERVICE WITH  A  SMILE.
  4. Value your staff   put them  before  your  customer – then  they  will make  the customer    happy.
  5. Do you have the right staff – are they qualified practically and academically to undertake the  job? Are they working  in  the right area of your business?
  6. Train your staff – set the guidelines and involve them in  the guidelines – they are a coal-face resource.
  7. Put your prices up – either as a whole or selectively   will the customer recognise a slight increase? e.g.) A Kebab seller sells 50 Donner Kebabs a day for £6.50. In one  year by putting the price up 40 pence to £6.90, they can make an extra £6,880.00. Do this with three products = £20,640.00 – This is FREE money.
  8. Don’t get caught doing the simple £10.00 an hour jobs if  your charge out rate   is £100.00  per   hour.
  9. Create packages – people love packages – shows more value for the pound.
  10. Consolidate at some point – when things are going well put some money in the bank and sell,sell,sell.
  11. Employ a new sales rep every hour – ask your customers to “tell your friends about us we are only to happy to serve them”.
  12. Manage your stock – use history of sales as a guide to your stock requirements.
  13. Buy  in  bulk – but  only  those  products  you  sell  in  bulk. Negotiate, negotiate and negotiate.
  14. Sell knowledge either as a value added or as part of a package. If you sell computers – sell a teaching course for the whole family on how to use the computer.   Do this through a strategic alliance or do it yourself.
  15. Write a tips e-book – small,easy to read and low cost – great promotional tool.
  16. Make your business card exciting – make it speak – tell a story – use both sides – its easy and inexpensive advertising. Give everyone a business card that you do business with or that you come into contact with,or that comes in your store.
  17. Run a free education workshop for invited guests and have a guest speaker to  rev things up.
  18. Use your website as a brochure – inexpensive, easy to access, easy to promote.
  19. High quality packaging is  simple, easy to access, but cool to look at.
  20. Consultants should pre-qualify their clients, use a simple sheet with relevant questions that you can ask them over the phone, email to them or fax to them – explain the benefits of doing this to your client in terms of better service and saving time.
  21. Set high standards   better than your competition or opposition
  22. Sell value not price. Value relates to so much more than a £.           Consultants never give a fee until you are ready and only give a fee for the end result which  is Value
  23. Sell authority not expertise. There are plenty of experts and only a few authorities – Create Credibility Power
  24. Thank your customer for choosing you especially when there is competition
  25. Be competitive – advertise where your competitors advertise or your not being competitive
  26. Ask for the sale – or get out of the game.
  27. Look  good — blue  sells  better  than brown, grooming  is  important for  both people and your premises
  28. Create and manage a loyalty program. Keep a record of what your customers buy so you can remind them to come back and claim their discount now they have spent that $300.00
  29. Sell a problem then the solution. Identify your customer’s problem(s) so you can sell them a solution package.
  30. Remind your customer it  is  time to re-purchase from you. When you get your survey details  from a customer and you know when their birthday is, don’t just send them a birthday card – remind them it’s time they shouted themselves something to celebrate and you will help them with a discount or a give away.