The Great Oxymoron – “Business Relationships…”

How do we reconcile the apparent contradiction of our “self-interest” and our “self in relationship”?  Doing work for your client so that you earn the privilege of receiving referrals is certainly a powerful way to bridge the gap.

It needs to go one step deeper though to have long-term lasting impact.  Referrals must be a philosophy embraced, rather than a technique applied.  Think about how differently you would go about your business if you said, “I will not rely on any other source for business other than my ability to provide extraordinary financial and emotional value and my willingness to ask to be of service!”

There is much evidence to suggest that the reason many people are uncomfortable asking for referrals is that they doubt whether they can live up to that philosophy. Embrace the philosophy and the technique becomes easy.  This is how you can cause people to line up to be served by you…

Above all, challenge yourself.  You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have, what you can accomplish.

–Cecile M. Springer