Identify Your Target Customer

Imagine that you could hand pick 100 people that would become customers of yours. Chances are that you would want them to be similar to your very best current customers. Create a profile of your ideal customer so that you can design your ad to specifically attract them to your business. If you were trying to attract mothers of infant children, your ad would be designed quite differently than if you were trying to attract retired widows.

– What part of town do they live in?

– What radio stations do they listen to?

– What type of car do they drive?

– How many children do they have and what schools are they in?

– How will they pay for the purchase?

– What hours do they like to shop from you?

– What questions do they ask your receptionist?

– How sophisticated are they?

– What level of education do they have?

– What type of artwork do they have in their homes?

– What restaurants do they eat at?

– What movies do they watch?

– Where do they vacation?

– What are they most afraid of?

– Will the husband or wife make the buying decision?

These questions give you a better picture of the ideal customer for your business. Design your ad so that it will appeal to them.