Maxim’s Theory of Capacity.

Whilst in Bordeaux France tasting a multitude of fine French wines I had time to reflect upon capacity.  It was a matter of necessity really as the range and varieties that I determined I needed to wash across my pallet demanded a rationalisation of my usual reckless quaffing style if the tasting was to be a success.  Then I had some thoughts…………

There is an awful lot of wine in the world, but there is also a lot of awful wine.

No sensible person drinks to excess, therefore any one person can only drink a certain amount in a lifetime.

There are countless flavours, nuances, shades of wine; endless varieties, regions, styles.  You have neither the time nor the capacity to try them all.

To make the most of the time you have left in this mortal world, you must start by calculating your total capacity.  One bottle per day is 365 bottles per year.  If your life expectancy is another 30 years, there are only 10,950 bottles ahead of you.

People who say “You can’t drink the good stuff all the time” are talking rubbish.  You must drink good stuff all the time.  Every time you drink a bottle of inferior wine, it’s like throwing and smashing a superior bottle against the wall.  The pleasure is lost forever – you can’t get that bottle back — or its contents sadly!!!.

There are people who build up huge wine cellars, most of which, they have no hope of drinking.  They are foolish in over-estimating their capacity, but they err on the right side, and their friends love them!

There are also people who don’t want to drink good wine, and are happy with the cheapies.   I forgive them! 

There are others who are content with beer and spirits; — I can’t worry or be concerned about everyone!

Wine is not meant to be enjoyed for its own sake; it is the key to:

  • love and laughter,
  • the enjoyment of food,
  • beauty and humour
  • art and music. 

Its rewards are far beyond its cost.

So — what part is wine, of your life?  If it is 10%,  therefore 10% of your income should be spent on wine!