Being negative vs. being positive

This has always puzzled me. It takes more energy – and creates more negative energy– to be negative. My daughter wondered why local councils spend more time and money (a billion dollars by some estimates) to fight ‘leaky buildings’ claims than just use that money to help people correct the problem.

Critics would say it might open the flood gates to more claims – however the principle is what I am commenting on.  There will always be critics – those who have not created anything themselves but who love to take shots from the sideline and hope the successful people will fall down. Others come across as negative because they live in fear – always expecting the worst, being cynical about the motives of others, seeing the cup half empty.

There is a simple but undeniable truth: a positive, forward-looking approach and attitude CREATES positive outcomes – it really is that simple. Of course there are challenges along the way; of course positive outcomes need to be CREATED by positive actions; of course world events impact on us all. But the one thing we can have total control over is how we respond.

Next time you are about to criticise someone, or show disrespect, or feel a situation is hopeless, try smiling. Try saying something genuinely positive, try on the cloak of gratitude and feel the instant warmth it provides. NOW you can create positive outcomes.