The fewer the words………

Words are full of power, so they should be few.  The fewer the words the more powerful the words.  President Lincoln when he have his Gettysburg address – used 287 words.  This oration is renown in history.  

The speaker prior to Lincoln spoke for 1.5 hours.  No-one remembers what he said, or even his name.

The fewer the words the more memorable the words.  We are not only known by our words, we are judged by them.  Words can bring war or make peace, they can unite or separate.

Why do we use more words than are necessary.

Ever heard the lawyer’s version of the Lords prayer  ‘Give us this day our daily bread’

It goes like this –  ‘We respectfully petition, request and entreat that a due and adequate provision be made, this day and date first above and inscribed, for the satisfying of petitioners’ nutritional requirements, and for the organising of such methods of allocation and distribution as may be deemed necessary and proper, to assume the reception by and for said petitioners of such quantity of cereal products (hereinafter and herein called “bread”), and shall in the judgment of the aforesaid petitioners constitute a sufficient amount.’

That’s eighty words! The Lords prayer uses 7 words to say the same thing, but more succinctly and more powerfully!  

Sometimes the most effective talk is brief and to the point.