Today we mourn the passing of an old friend – common sense. 

He devoted his service to schools, hospitals and churches.  He got jobs done without fanfare and foolishness.  For decades silly rules and frivolous lawsuits didn’t alter him.  He cultivated practices like sharing with others, teaching kids spiritual values and living within your means.  He survived the Industrial Revolution and the Great Depression. 

But he couldn’t withstand the ravages of declining moral and spiritual values.  He watched as leaders became corrupt and good people became apathetic.  He saw the 10 Commandments outlawed in public buildings, prayer banned from the classroom, and criminals enjoying more rights than their victims.  He watched in despair as teachers who needed parental consent to administer an aspirin, couldn’t tell a parent their child wanted an abortion. 

Common sense was pre- deceased by truth, trust and responsibility. 

His funeral wasn’t well attended, few realized he had gone.