I had to do some home handyman stuff over the weekend as my table had broken. Now anyone that knows me knows that home handyman stuff is not me. Ask my wife and she will let you that I am as handy with a hammer, as an eel out of water. It just doesn’t work.

So, here I am gluing the leg of the table back together, bracing it, so it doesn’t fall apart, as well and putting pressure on the joint to ensure it holds fast.

As I was doing this, it made me think about business. What is the ‘glue’ that holds a business together?

It is the people, and how they engage with each other. When business owners and employees don’t engage properly, the ‘glue’ of the relationship is broken. Like the leg breaking on a table. It needs some form of bond to re-strengthen the relationship. If it doesn’t happen, then the relationship, like the table leg remains broken and the whole table remains useless. If this happens in business, then the

What Glue is needed to fix this. The glue is the Communication that has to be started again. Like Glue, it takes take to set, so don’t expect the Communication to be fixed immediately. It needs the right temperature, the right environment and the right setting, to ensure a solid mend.

Once it is fixed though, keep working on the communication to ensure the bond remains solid.