Your business is like a garden; it has great potential for growth and beauty.
But cultivating a garden calls for time and labour. It also requires being on the lookout for weeds and pulling them up before they grow and kill your plants.
Two of most common weeds in Business are:
1. Favouritism. Cliques in business are high treason.
2. Gossip. Is the art of saying nothing in a way that leaves practically nothing unsaid
Ensure that you plant only good plants. The land doesn’t mind what you plant – it will give you a plentiful crop of poison hemlock, in as great a quantity as wheat, if you don’t nurture and weed it.
The same with your business. When you recruit (and plant your seeds) plant and recruit only the best. Don’t give weeds the chance to invade your business. Treat it like a garden.
Don’t allow favouritism or gossip to be part of your business.