Have you ever watched a seasoned swimmer?
Stroke after stroke, he takes what’s in front of him and pushes it behind him, letting it propel him towards his goal.
He literally takes what stands between him and his goal, and uses it to get there.
Sometimes we despair and say, ‘I’m just keeping my head above water,’ and that’s OK as long as you keep ‘stroking’ and pressing on.
It’s when you feel backed into a corner with nowhere to turn that you’ve got to take hold of the faith and keep moving forward.
The waters you’re in don’t determine your destiny; they either carry you over, or take you under. It takes faith to keep going.
When you quit, no-one can do anything more for you!
So today whether you’re doing the breaststroke, the backstroke, or some other kind of stroke that nobody’s ever heard of – keep pressing on.