Until I overcome the fear of failure, I’ll be immobilised at the prospect of taking on risk. If I fail, don’t quit. History shows us that failure can actually be a bridge to success. Napoleon was 42 in a class of 43. Washington lost 2/3 of his battles but still changed American history. Einstein was a slow learner but he is considered the father of the atomic age.
Only when I consider failure to be final, am I finally a failure. Failure is not an event it’s an opinion, and as long as it’s not my opinion I can come back and succeed. Roosevelt said the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.
Failure is an inevitable part of success and failure always brings criticism. Winners live more easily with the memory of having tried and failed than not having tried at all. While others fear stepping out into a new opportunity, the winner fears missing out on it.
It is a mistake to suppose people succeed only through success. They often succeed through failures. And I’m not defeated until, the past takes my focus off the future. Don’t be afraid of failure.
Look at Lincoln and what he overcame during his lifetime
1832 defeated in state legislature
1833 failed in business
1835 sweetheart died
1836 nervous breakdown
1838 defeated Illinois house speaker
1843 defeated in nomination for congress
1854 defeated in US senate
1856 defeated in nomination for Vice President
1858 defeated in US senate race
Today he is considered one of greatest USA presidents.
You have to be willing to get back up and keep moving forward