Many people don’t like change – it’s uncomfortable.

However they need to get out of the comfort zone they have created.

Therefore I have 6 C words, as an alliteration to help someone change understand the Rapid Change Creator

  3. C OMPARE.
  5. C OMFORT.

Let unpack these these, to see what they mean when it comes to creating change and then lets put it into an example for a Rapid Change Creator


Understand the persons current Belief, so you know what the issue is. And you might say to them. “Here’s what I understand, maybe your here today because…”


That belief. Acknowledge it and then say,  ‘I get that, AND (not but)  Here’s the thing….. I’ve been where you are, AND (not But), AND it’s my belief…”


Open a new way of thinking

An ‘X’ type person running that belief – this happens to them

A ‘Y’ type person running my belief – this what happens to them


Put it into their world.   ‘Seriously how is it impacting on your present life.’


“What impact is this having on your life at present?”

They are possibly lacking in any 1 or many of the following human behaviours:

  • Uncertainty & Variety,
  • Significance,
  • Love/Connection
  • Growth
  • Contribution
  • Certainty

C OMFORT them.

Give them the proverbial cuddle. “You are a good person. You Want the best for your family.  This current pattern you have screws people up.  You’re better than that. You need someone to hold your hand.”


Does it make any sense to continue running the old pattern? Yes or No. Ask them

Is it something you want to change and take advantage of?  Yes or No. Ask them

OK, so lets put it into an example using the 6 C’s


‘David, it’s good to talk with you today. I reckon you’re here because maybe business isn’t going as well as you want or expected.   And I think possibly you’d love to have it fixed by next week – if you could!! And it’s been tough over the last 13 years, let alone this last year.’


‘We get that.  We really get that, AND, (Remember not BUT!) AND here’s the thing, we’ve been there too.   AND it’s my belief that we all think we can go into business and it will be pretty easy.   After all, so many others have done it before us.   Isn’t it funny though, that when we go to school, we just don’t walk into the classroom, sit down and know it all.   We have a teacher up the front, helping us and guiding us, and that goes on for the next 12 – 14 years!!!’


‘Many B/O run the belief that they can do it themselves. They keep running the same script over and over in their head, without changing anything and expecting a different result.   They’ve probably been in business say 13 yrs, but they’ve had 1 years’ experience, repeated 13 times! I’ve found that when B/O’s run my belief, this happens.  They get rid of the Limiting Belief that is holding them back, and start to look at what they really can achieve.  When running my belief they have found that they’re happier and make more money.’


‘Seriously, what impact is your current belief system having on your world.   How is affecting you and your Business? How is it impacting on your life?’

“I know you want significance – to be seen and respected as a great B/O.   You want people to recognise you.   You want your friends and your family – especially your family to recognise and respect you.  Imagine having that significance, how would you feel? Imagine if your contribution that you’re making was acknowledged. How would you feel.”


“You’re a good person David, however you’re running the same script you’ve been brought up with – and it’s not your fault.   This pattern has been screwing you for far too long.   Is it something you really want to change, because if it is, Janelle and I can help?   However, it can’t be fixed overnight, because we’re having to break patterns that have developed over 13 years here.   And you’re gonna have to continue wanting to work hard and smart to make this happen.”


“Does it make sense to get rid of these old patterns and ways of thinking.  Is it something you really and truly want to change, cause if you do, Janelle and I can continue on this journey with you?   Is it something you want to take advantage of? Cause running a Business is easy when you have a new belief.”

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