Leadership Mentoring

Leadership Mentoring: What is it

Imagine if you could sit down with your future self and ask for advice. You’d have some incredibly wise and valuable snippets to share with your current self that would really help you navigate the coming months and years — and enable you to better prepare yourself for what’s to come.

This is what leadership mentoring does for prospective leaders. It provides them with a forum for setting, discussing and disecting a path to leadership with someone who has walked that path before.

We all like to think of our journey as absolutely unique, and while there are of course some unique elements, there are a far more similarities and shared experiences between your path and someone else path to that same destination.

Because of this fact of life, many of the leadership challenges the leaders of tomorrow will face — the leaders of today have faced.

Leadership mentoring enables mentees to see what great leadership looks like, as the mentor is technically leading them; using soft leadership skills to effectively communicate; leadership skills to encourage them and drive them forward; and hard leadership skills to hold them accountability for real progress.

Feeling how the mentor coaches and mentors the mentee through the the leadership mentoring process enables the mentee to learn about people management, discover how they like to be treated from a ‘superior’, and learn what type of encouragement and interaction spurs them to be the best version of themselves.

A good mentor will know how to draw a mentee out of their comfort zone into more leadership oriented environments and scenarios, and can talk with a mentee about how they can address certain scenarios they are encountering in real-life, putting leadership skills into real-life context and real-life practice.Want to find out more? Contact us.

leadership mentoring
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Are You:

  • Open-minded

  • A person with Integrity

  • Wanting to be The Best in your business

  • Desiring a Big Vision

  • Developing a Mover and Shaker Mentality

  • A People Promoter

Benefits to working with us are:

  • You will Make EVEN More Money

  • You will be working with two Kiwi’s who have Trained & Mentored Business Owners to Success Since 1999

  • You will Get Back Your Personal Time to do the Things You Really Want to do

  • You can have Confidence in our Ability to Help You, as we have Practical as well as Theoretical Business Knowledge, having run and operated multiple businesses already

Leadership Mentoring – The Key To Life & Career Success

Our Vision

To be the PREMIER Training and Mentoring Business in the UK & NZ, by helping Business Owners to grow and develop themselves & their Businesses, to create more FREEDOM & WEALTH.


The training gave me other ideas to improve myself and help othersWhen he joined us we were a fractured group of individuals with no direction or cohesion.

Pete and Janelle were very motivational.  Good knowledge and information given.  They have a fun and entertaining way to learn and practice techniques that not only help running a business, but also about personal development

Adam B
The training made me feel more part of the team.  Others feel the same way as me.  I am more positive in reaching my goal.

Kay L
Very useful.  I have learnt a lot and WILL use the info shared.  A lovely couple, who work great as a team.  Very easy to talk to, even made the skeptical among us open up.

Gemma S
They are enthusiastic about their subject and they have helped to gel the staff into a more cohesive unit.   They encourage wider vision of what is achievable, and how.

Both were very good and totally helpful.  I believe that i can gain so much support and confidence, working with Pete and Janelle.  Thank you for your help.  It was daunting for me, I found it helpful, so thank you.

Peter BT
The session was interesting and provided the grounds to allow our opinions and feelings to be heard and understood.  No answer was a wrong answer, and they effectively kept the attention of the entire group.  I now know the feelings of my colleagues and this is a huge help.   I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I’m glad I was part of it.
The training was effective captivating and motivating.  Pete and Janelle ensured all staff contributed to the group whilst also ensuring that we communicated ideas together in small groups.  I feel much more motivated and have a heightened feeling of confidence with my job role now
Natasha S
Very professional and made me feel at ease.  It made me think that things are achievable if you put your mind to it.

Tracey F
It allowed me to think of different ways people communicate and allow myself to communicate more effectively.  Very clear, engaging training that delivered useful, relevant information.

Sam G
Very good, positive and enthusiastic.  The training was very informative, made you think about lots of different ways to conduct yourself.  I found it motivating and it has made me feel more enthusiastic about how to approach different situations within the work place.
Shelley B
I recently had the benefit of a short session with Pete around worth, value and how much I was charging my clients. In just 30 minutes he managed to get me to think differently about all of these things. At the time I didn’t think much would change; but within days I started getting the kind of clients – and the sort of work – I wanted.

If you want to grow your business, I would recommend working with Pete.

Julia Robinson, Copywriter
His coaching ability was particularly strong incorporating a number of techniques such as:

– Probing Questioning
– Motivating the individual
– Validating the coaches understanding
– Demonstrating new skills to practice such as open questioning techniques

This one stood out as the level he pitched the coaching was perfect for the situation and is probably the most natural coach I have seen when delivering these courses.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to share the feedback as we don’t always have a culture of doing this!

Christopher Harvey, Training Lead
Peter is infectious and without being over powering makes you desire to be part of his ideas and inspiration. He orchestrated a session with his peers on my course to relay back the key learnings of the workshop. This was by means of him leading a presentation that acted out a court room scenario where he actually placed myself on trial as the trainer, for delivering learnings of new skill sets.

Peter engaged with all on course and his un-emptying enthusiasm took the group to a consistently high plain. That said he was certainly not a over powering individual as he delivers his persona with professionalism and also in a manner that leaves you wanting more.

Peter displayed good knowledge of the industry and demonstrated that he is a quick learner and also a individual that will deliver to the correct level…every time

Ian Bryant, Highly experienced trainer, facilitator and coach with over 10 years experience in this field.
On meeting Peter it was immediately apparent that he was like no other Manager I had ever worked with.

When he joined us we were a fractured group of individuals with no direction or cohesion.

Within a few months the whole atmosphere in the branch had changed. With his unique skills he turned us into a tightly knit, supportive and high performing team

Peter is an inspirational leader who genuinely cares about the people in his team and has the skills to draw the best from them

I would be extremely happy to work with Peter again.

Julie Taylor
Just to say, I’ve come across a few guys at chamber events recently who are in the same line of business as you. But none of them were as interesting or engaging in selling themselves as you so I think you definitely don’t need to fear the competition.
Rob P

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